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Report Vulnerability

  • 1. Fill out the following "Report_template.pdf" file

  • 2. Encrypt the report file with PGP key

  • 3. Send email to as the following:
    • - Subject: [Bugbounty] your title
    • - Attach the report file

  • Notice
    • - We can not receive the report if the following conditions
      • . The report file is not encrypted
      • . The email subject is not started with "[Bugbounty]"
      • . (For Korean, 국내용) 취약점제보 파일 내 "동의" 표시 필요

How To Participate

  • All you have to do is, fill your personal details and log the security bug along with the required snapshots and documents in the Report Vulnerability Form.
  • Henceforth, our security team will evaluate your reported bug. read more

Disclosure Policy

  • All applicants should ensure that they understand and accept the responsible disclosure policy:
  • read more
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