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Samsung Electronics’ 2018 Smart TVs Become First to be Industry-Certified for Enhanced Security

Samsung Smart TV security features optimized Samsung Knox technology recognized with Common Criteria and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certifications
Samsung Electronics today announced that its Smart TV security solution, inclusive of its Samsung Knox technology, has been recognized by global certification institutes. Samsung’s Smart TV is the first in the industry to receive the Common Criteria (CC) certification for three consecutive years, and its Checkout payment service is also certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

TV security team audit

Samsung maintains a dedicated security team to support all samsung TV products. We, Samsung TV security team, provide security auditing and testing for products, both under development and released. We also actively monitor for threats and reports of new security issues.
Monitoring can be done in two ways, internally and externally. Internally, we try to find security vulnerabilities via penetration tests with security experts in Samsung. Externally, we pay attention to vulnerabilities from security researchers through various methods. This Bug bounty program is representative of this effort. We reward the person who notifies Samsung about any vulnerability through the program and acquires information about security vulnerabilities in our products. Sometimes reports come from a contracted 3rd party security team, an academy or non-profit community. We monitor internet and security-related media every day in order not to miss any security issues with Samsung TVs. Depending on the importance, the range of the patch is determined and processed as soon as possible.