Eligibility Requirements for a reward:

  • Issue must not already be known by Samsung (e.g. not already public, not already found by us during a pen test, not already reported by another user...).
  • Issue must have a significant impact.

Hall Of Fame

Participants who contributed in identifying security issues in the above defined scope will be mentioned on our Hall of Fame page.

  • Note: we do not give paper certificates, letters of recommendation, etc.

Monetary Reward

We will reward qualifying bugs depending on the maximum severity of the vulnerability and the priority of the target impacted.

We will provide higher reward scores for:

  • Reports on vulnerabilities regarding any TV security solution. (e.g remotely compromise verified boot, kernel).
  • Reports on vulnerabilities with detailed and specific information (e.g., proof of concept & source code, test case, patches).

Non-Monetary Rewards

You hereby acknowledge that the final decision to provide the reward and the amount of the reward is at Samsung’s sole and complete discretion.

  • Note: we do not provide rewards in the form of Samsung devices, swag, goodies, etc.

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