We believe that the security and privacy protection
offered by Samsung TVs are paramount to creating some of the world's
most trustworthy products and services.

That is why we are always committed to offering steadfast security
and privacy protection in order to provide our customers with the optimal experience.

Security, Privacy and TV

The security and privacy of the customer is considered a top priority.
To achieve this a dedicated team of security experts continues to carry out various security activities for Samsung TV devices and services.

This site provides important security updates and information related to our products and services. We always strive to provide an agile and robust, security incident response mechanism.

Security Updates Detailed View

  • We investigate all security vulnerabilities affecting Samsung TV devices and services and provide security updates and information to prevent security risks.
  • For the protection of Samsung TV, we encourage customers to keep their devices and
    apps up-to-date.

Bug Bounty Program

Samsung TV Bug Bounty is a program to find security vulnerabilities early on and to compensate bounty hunters for their achievements.

We encourage security experts from all over the world to work with us.

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Report Vulnerability

Please check below if you have information
about a security issue or vulnerability
related to Samsung TV. Detailed View