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Report Vulnerability

How To Participate

All you have to do is, fill your personal details and log the security bug along with the required snapshots and documents in the Report Vulnerability Form.

Henceforth, our security team will evaluate your reported bug and we will get back to you if it passes the evaluation.
Welcoming your participation!
  • Secure communications:
    • By using the contact form, the information you send us will be encrypted.
    • Please do not post results on unrestricted 3rd party websites (e.g. public video link, paste bin, public cloud...)
Report Vulnerability
Disclosure Policy
  • Responsible disclosure
  • All applicants should ensure that they understand and accept the responsible disclosure policy:
    • Allow the Samsung Security Team the required time to revert before making any public disclosure of the research result.
    • Do not violate any privacy laws, destroy data or interrupt Samsung services during research.